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The key is to remember that we are not doing this rigmarole ourselves. We really are not in control of our lives. Not remotely. Every thought, every sensation, every action we carry out, it is all a natural result of infinite phenomena leading up to that. Our very being is entirely conditioned, it is defined by its conditioning. This understanding is not disempowering but is in fact totally liberating and ultimately deeply empowering because it puts us in touch with the truth of what is really going on; it relaxes us into knowing our connection to absolutely everything. We know that we have spent most of our lives believing that we are separate and a whole network of beliefs and tensions have been created from this misunderstanding, but there is in every moment an opportunity that is there for us; an opportunity to surrender to our inner knowing that we are one with the universe, that there is no separate being here thinking these thoughts, performing these actions, feeling these feelings.

This understanding does not negate these thoughts, these actions, these feelings. Just because there is no doer does not mean that this crazy dance of thoughts, feelings and actions is not taking place. It is all happening; nothing will stop it from happening. It just needs to be infused with the understanding that it is not being carried out by a separate doer. The way to integrate this understanding is to open ourselves up fully to what appears to be happening. When the understanding of our oneness is not integrated into the real world of sensations, perceptions, thoughts and actions, we are in danger of getting caught in oneness as a concept. We think we are free but if fact we have escaped from the truth of our freedom. We have succumbed to just another way that the illusory self seeks to be relieved of its tension through assuming a state of mind. Understanding is not a state of mind. It is a complete openness to what is happening.

It is the knowing that even when there is a necessary ‘no’ in the mind or in the body, that ‘no’ has not been created by a separate independent self. It is the knowing that every time we seek fulfillment, it is because we have forgotten the true nature of our mind, which is ultimately free of any separation and not made of thoughts and perceptions, but of the awareness with which it is all known. When we are lost in the world of objective reality, we constantly experience dissatisfaction. The problem is that we think that we can alleviate this dissatisfaction through the very same objective reality that has caused the dissatisfaction! The thinking mind by definition can only operate in subject object terms so cannot fathom the actual existence of a non-objective reality. But just ask yourself ‘what is it that thinks the mind into existence?’, ‘what is aware of the thoughts?’, ‘is the thing that is aware of the thoughts actually separate from the thoughts themselves, or is it all simply one seamless whole, free of an actual subject/object division?’.

The key is to spend as much time as possible aware of the awareness, rather than getting lost in the objects of our awareness; and to remember that all our feelings, thoughts and perceptions must be allowed to be. The human condition is to constantly seek satisfaction. Even after the recognition of our true nature is attained, the process of seeking satisfaction is likely to continue, we are just no longer fooled by it into blindness. Don’t expect the seeking to stop; it is a long running habit! Just let it be infused by understanding. Let grace melt the illusion of our separation so that we can flow with life again, through its inevitable ups and downs, through its heartbreaks and new openings, through its limitless world of dancing phenomena. Don’t forget who you really are. Never forget who you really are.

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