Francis Michael Eliot

I currently work as a 5Rhythms® teacher​, a tachyon 'pain body release' therapist and as an active father to my two boys. Over the years I've been greatly influenced by various amazing and generous teachers with whom I've been fortunate enough to study with & I feel particularly indebted to Thich Nhat Hanh, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, and most importantly Rupert Spira and Gabrielle Roth, the latter of whom took me under her wing in 2000 and guided me to turn my life inside out.

Gabrielle saw no separation, all she saw in the human being was the dance of creativity, actualised and in potential. This seeing and welcoming of me as an innately creative being was something I had never encountered before, not even in my bohemian London based upbringing. Never before had I felt truly seen and met in the limitless way that Gabrielle saw me. She gave me a new way to see myself and the world. Yet she didn't just awaken me to the fundamental existence of this vibrant creativity that we all are, she provided me and countless others with an extraordinary path from which to awaken and nurture the development of this creativity in the real day to day world.

Consequently my primary spiritual practice for the last 17 years has been Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms® and I continue to dance, study and teach this practice every week. Gabrielle trained me to teach at 'Waves' level in 2004/5 and in 2015 I completed my training as a 'Heartbeat' level teacher with Gabrielle's son Jonathan. (Sadly Gabrielle passed away back in 2012).

For the last 4 years my teaching has been greatly influenced by my ongoing studies into the nature of consciousness through my current teacher Rupert Spira with whom I have attended many retreats. The liberating realisation and consequential experiential understanding of 'who I really am' has taken the tension out of my teaching and has opened up my classes to being a place for us to experience the presence of God, truth, love, whatever you wish to call it (Gabrielle called it the Mystery). No longer do I fall into the trap of facilitating people to improve themselves & instead hold space for people to come to the experiential understanding that the ongoing dance of the body, breath, mind and emotions is simply consciousness in motion, inseparable from anything, already liberated from the illusory separate self that we think we are.

Gabrielle used to say that we dance in order to redefine our self from the dancer to the Dance, yet back then I was not ready to truly grasp what she meant. I am profoundly grateful to my current teacher Rupert for guiding me to understand experientially what she meant. Hence my primary intention when facilitating 5Rhythms® is to invite the awareness that the dance of life is not something to get lost in, nor to escape from but ultimately exists as an invitation to see what is really going and who is really running the show.

The tachyon pain body release treatments that I perform are a safe and highly effective method for the tensions associated with our illusory separation to be released. For most if not all of our lives we have allowed the establishment of a deep network of tensions that have come about as a result of the cultural assumption that we are essentially separate and mortal, that our consciousness was born from our body and will therefore die with it. When these tensions are released through the healing, there is often an associated realisation of our nature as unified and whole. Through the release of tensions and energy blocks we become kinder, more loving and relaxed, and more open to our soul's unique purpose in life.

These healings are supported by my providing appropriate Wild Earth vibrational remedies for you to take at home. These wonderful remedies help to reveal particular gifts and characteristics that have been previously hidden or blocked in your life. If you wish to know more about the work I offer, please contact me at

Awakened presence - Francis Michael Eliot


My mission is to create a healthy, loving and beauty-filled community of light, inter connectedness and self responsibility by compassionately stepping forwards in love, power and presence to shine a light on who we truly are.
When we dare to reveal our love through our willingness to shine the light of awareness on the parts of ourself that are in shadow, and when our presence consequently comes to contain our strength, vulnerability and compassion, the energy around that presence re-calibrates. This is the role of the true wounded healer who understands that the greatest and most selfless work he can do in the world is to commit to evolving his own consciousness through spiritual practice.
As a man, I sharpen my sword through witnessing my chattering mind rather than being driven by it; through acknowledging and welcoming my emotional responses to the world rather than dictating and prescribing how I and others should respond based on judgements that were not mine to hold. I aim to accept in each moment the fact that I am infinite being, existing beyond the limitations of time and space, while simultaneously staying grounded in this body, the vehicle for my presence in the world. I commit to staying aware of the ego mechanism which seeks in its multitude of ways to establish itself as the true me while in fact being completely devoid of truth or real existence.
Through sharing practices which work for me, I aim to model and inspire through embodiment, authenticity, presence, lightheartedness, healthfulness and a true understanding of cosmic freedom.
My vision is to establish and maintain a transformational residential community centre for healing, creativity and spiritual practice.


Please, feel free to contact me for any comment.

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