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A lot of people are expressing that they don’t know what to believe any more. Yet what really is belief anyway? Why do we have to believe anything?

Why SHOULD we believe anything? Most people think that letting go of needing to believe anything amounts to some kind of depression.
Yet that’s an idea that comes from people who use their beliefs to give themselves self worth.

No wonder people hold on so fully to their beliefs! Just look at how they react when someone with different beliefs comes along. Even a believer of peace on earth will embody the exact opposite, in the name of their belief!

We all know who we are when we have beliefs.
Yet who on Earth are we without any beliefs? Have you explored?
Unless you explore who you are without any beliefs, you may just fall into the trap of being another believer. Belief is seductive.

How do you explore who you really are?
Most of us just blindly assume that we are a collection of thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions.
Have you made this assumption?

Yet how could we be these things, because while all these things come and go, we do not experience our self coming and going with them. We have to simply ask our self what is it in our experience of our self that doesn’t come and go?

What is it in your experience that doesn’t come and go?

In order to answer, you have to go to that experience. You have to go to your self. You can’t go to your thoughts because they come and go!
What is it that doesn’t come and go?

It’s closer than your breath.
It’s not the things; the thoughts, the sensations etc.

It’s that which knows them. It’s that which is aware of them.
Go to That. And be with That.
Until we see that it doesn’t come and go, but that everything comes and goes in That.

The more we take this simple timeless and immediate journey to meet our self, the more our beliefs fall away.
Only the self that believes he/she is a collection of things needs belief. It uses it in order to support it’s illusory status.

How much more beautiful is it to be who you really are?
It’s well worth a try.

Maybe it’s what you were here for all along.

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